How to use console to see damage output ect, badmins and hackers

  • Basically I was playing in a server recently and 6 admins, or clan members of the admin team if you will were online, all in top places with something like 40-50 kills to 2-3 deaths

    I thought maybe they were just really good until I was 1 hit killed ( as a knight on full health) by a archer with a shortsword, and it kept happening, he was also able to kill in 1 shot to the body with the fastest crossbow, and this happened on everyone

    I accussed of hacking, they told me if I accuse them again I get banned, someone then mentioned to use console to check their health and damage outputs as if they were above a certain amount they were cheating, I asked how and then was banned from the server before I could be told.

    Ive heard of this before, but thought only admins could do that, anyway where can I find the standard health, damge of each weapon or class and what is the console commands to check a player what theirs is set to, as from now on I want to check out anyone who is said to be cheating and find out if they are or not

  • I think you can enable the console damage output from the options menu?

    Check here for weapon damages.

  • go to Configuration -> Game tab and then set Console Damage to verbose.

    it’ll tell you who hit you, where you got hit, what type of damage and the amount of damage. and who you hit etc.

  • Sounds like some pretty horrible admins.

    Anyway, if it was happening in Free for All or they were teamkilling, it’s possible they used an admin command that changes the “team”-damage multiplier on the fly.

  • @Rickvs:

    Sounds like some pretty horrible admins.

    Are you actually implying that people listen to hacking accusations from anyone under level 30?

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