NPC killed = Spawn as NPC Class

  • Howdy Gents,

    Hope we’re all doing grand.
    I’ve been addicted to learning this SDK and have been grateful for the assistance given by other enthusiasts.
    Currently I’m trying to transfer the class of an NPC to the player who killed it.
    Whats more, whoever kills this player then takes this class, so forth n’ so on.
    So the entire time there is but one player as this class but it’s being traded around the server often.
    Make sense?

    Gold NPC is killed by green player. Green player becomes gold. Gold player is killed by pink player, pink becomes gold. Gold player quits the game and the map needs to be restarted… :-P

    is this a possibility?
    i know events can be trained so lightning strikes when an NPC dies.
    Just love to figure out if there is a method to cause the ‘customize pawn’ feature can work based on the actor who instigated the kill.
    (To put it in as best a kismet form as I can.)

    thanks a grip!


  • A custom scoring event from the custom scoring mutator (placed in your lvl) returns a killer and a victim. Your game mode needs to be TO2. However, the nodes do return rubbish most of the times so you have to fix them first. I wrote a solution in the report bug section. After you made the code changes you need to recompile the Mutator script file and include it in your map (just by placing it, you dont need to create a mod for this).
    Then you can use the ‘Customize Pawn’ Kismet node on the killer.

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