Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Saga of the Crypts) A Halloween Update!

  • Greetings, and welcome to Saga of the Crypts Halloween update for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!! We decided to have a little fun this Halloween and we hope you will join us in the Crypts!

    **Official Crypt Guide!!

    NEW Map

    **Mapname -“TO2-Crypts”-

    Crypts is 100% playable solo too! To start your local game, just go to the ‘Create Game’ screen from the main menu, go to the ‘other’ category, and start your game! (don’t add any extra bots)

    You and 5 of your friends are challenged to taking on the Crypts! Gain Levels and new equipment as you Progress through many waves of Horde.

    • Horde Mode map
    • 6 Players
    • Halloween Themed
    • A lot of Bone puns

    Kismet / TO2 changes (for map creators)

    • (previous patch but missed: new Kismet deinebriate node)

    • bSkipTeamSelect option in CMWTO2MapInfo actually works

    • Can now set team to force start as, should work as Agatha or Mason

    • fix GetPlayerScore node not actually returning score, and not returning score as an Int

    • new K node to override a pawn’s character/weapon/helmet assets (meshes, materials, etc.).

      • This method should also be fairly easy for a mod to use, see AOCSinglePawnAssetOverrider
    • new K node to change a pawn’s loadout WITHOUT RESPAWNING THE PAWN!

      • (is a new K node in case any maps are relying on the old respawning logic. I think the Tutorial does)
    • Move mason/agatha name overrides out of CustomTeamSetup mutator and into mapinfo; delete CustomTeamSetup mutator

    • Make mason/agatha name overrides actually work

    • Add mapinfo property to use FFA customization

    • add new AOCFamilyInfo options to disable decap mesh, force death anims

    • pull several horde mode mod changes into mainline chiv with two new flags in CMWTO2MapInfo (they have comments; mouse over them in the properties window):

      • bIsHordeMap
      • bForceEnableTeamHudMarkers
    • add new seqaction “Get Player Score” in “AOC Actions” to get a bunch of stuff from the PRI (not just score, but also kills, deaths, assists, and others)

    • option in custom scoring mutator to apply bonus scores (doesn’t appear t

    • Fix issue where peasants and skeletons in Horde maps will teleport when they ragdoll unless they death anim first

    • fix purchasebox double-purchase bug

    • Add static/placeable variants of AOCFamilyInfo to fix initial value issues. This won’t break existing levels, but if you want all properties to all work properly you’ll need to create new families

    • fix purchasebox on listen servers

    • fix if purchasebox cost is 0 or negative and player has a lower score

    • fix subxhairtext and broadcastmessage nodes to work properly (take either PC or Pawn, work with any type of object list/volume/whatever)

    • fixed generic show message not working properly with some object types, double-sending PMs, … (note: the two variable links now do the same thing)

    • randomize teleport node destinations

    • make CEs work without spawning

    • Add Action.PublishLinkedVariableValues(); to OnTeleport in AOCPawn to ensure volume list updated

    • Reset pawn customization after class change

    • If Agatha or Mason names are overridden, show overridden name in the Victory message

    • fixed CMW HUD Marker nodes to actually, you know, do things


    • Updated French localization with updated translation from FitFit
    • Drunken Bazaar: Fixed exploit where players attacking could bypass objectives
    • Correct tutorial text for dodge to: “Press V” (to match current defaults)
    • Bots aim down when players are crouching
    • Removed all “do not fall when in Combat Stance” code from bots
    • fixed the chat text being different from the header text (“The Agatha Knights is Victorious!” vs. “The Agatha Knights are Victorious!”)
    • Replace TM symbol for non-devs with “TM”, not “”


    Follow-up Patch

    Crypts bug fixes

    • Fixed a game breaking error in Smelly Troll health calculation
    • Enabled one room / all rooms mode toggle during intermission
    • Removed unnecessary kismet on interactable objects (class select, manual level statues, health fountains), no longer need to use them multiple times for the events to fire
    • Forward spawning should work more reliably now
    • Fixed error where using the manual levelling fountains might cause class selecting to not level up your character
    • Manual levelling statues now also level character
    • Gates close on the class selection after a delay after enemies start spawning, prevents exploit of free health late in a round
    • Added a 120 second timer once hud markers are added to the final 3 enemies, you will beat the wave either when you kill them or after the 2 minutes ends
    • Altered enemy type spawn logic, less “super heavy” enemies in earlier levels
    • Buffed archer backpedal and strafe speeds, no penalty compared to forward movement now
    • Gave archer infinite ammo
    • Gave each class a unique character unlock at character level 6
    • Possible fix to enemies spawning in the wrong room
    • Added 4 new enemy spawn points to the upper floor of “room 1” (the one with the three long narrow stair cases down to the bottom floor) and spread out basement enemy spawnpoints
    • Fixed Corpse VO


    • don’t bother querying the server before trying to join if it’s a SteamSockets server (query will fail if the server is behind a NAT, but joining will still work regardless)

      • => You can host a Listen Server (through the Create Game screen) and friends can join it by joining your game through the Steam friends list or via game invites, even if you don’t have all the ports forwarded
    • Belmez: Fixed exploit where players attacking could bypass objectives.

    • Bypass asset loading if a dedicated server (reduces I/O, memory use)

    • fix a Scaleform crash

    Patch 2

    Crypts bug fixes

    • Halloween helmets removed :)
    • Added localization for crypts
    • Fixed wave 14+ bug (broken ‘sleepless skirmishers’ was the cause)
    • Fixed enemies spawning in the wrong room, added in extra checks and clean-up
    • Fixed counter error caused by ending a wave by survival rather than killing the last 3 bots
    • Re-enabled protection for people leaving the server during intermission causing The Heroes to lose
    • Removed great-sword from Rogue to stop players being able to break themselves, replaced with golden weapons (you still get infinite firepots at 350 kills)
    • Corrected incorrect ‘can sprint attack’ values for warrior character
    • Removed dodge from all bots so they can’t break themselves
    • Added in “hard mode”, fixed issues preventing it from being in before
    • Fixed some HUD markers for one/all room mode trigger
    • Fixed issues with enemy VO where it would stop all-together


    • Fixed issue with Mason customization colours appearing as Agathian colours.

  • woah

    you spookd me

    thx 4 map fix

  • @Chimpanzer:


    you spookd me

    thx 4 belmez fix

    Sorry its Drunken bazaar

  • spooking me 2 much I can’t read

  • I’ll give it a shot later, sounds fun. Would rather have a real update though.

  • 2spoked
    This is cool for the avarage joe I guess, didn’t know horde was so popular amongst the plebs, but that’s cool and all!

  • I’ve only been able to make it to wave 10, but I’ve been having a blast so far!

  • @Knifelegs:

    I’ve only been able to make it to wave 10, but I’ve been having a blast so far!

    Can you actually halfsword in this update?

  • How do you even play on it with other players? I don’t see it hosted anywhere.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to play it!

  • Spooky update has spooked me

  • Yay for gran… drunken bazaar fix.

  • whats the name of the map? and is it auto downloaded?

  • Apologies. Map name is: TO2-Crypts

  • @Andrew:

    Apologies. Map name is: TO2-Crypts

    Ah you Cheeky suckers, I was trying _p and raging wondering why it wasn’t working.

    Appreciate the Reply Andrew!

  • So are there only Australian horde mode servers or is even complete idiots and playing on them from miles away. All 4 of them are almost full. And everyone but me has 200+ ping.

  • This update broke the character customization again….

  • Can confirm its fun.

  • Developer

    Neglected to add to the announcement initially, but if you can’t find space in a server for Crypts or don’t want to play with other people (it’s a slightly different experience, the enemies scale for player count like in previously existing horde maps) you can play offline from the create game menu. Beware, it’s dangerous to go alone.

  • eh thats cool an all but uh can you fix the game play of the real game like…. yah and stuff

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