Problems with newest map from Halloween update (crypt).

  • Hey guys. I love the new horde mode and the new map. Frankly, you did the best Horde-mode map as of yet. Very appreciated TB :)

    I just want to report some problems with it, and give some hints on how to fix them.

    • Map gets stuck because enemies won’t spawn. Twice in a row, me and a group reached wave 14 and were prevented from advancing in the map because some enemies glitch and never spawn. First there were 7 enemies left, then 8. We couldn’t move forward because the timer starts when 3 enemies are left in the wave. My recommendation would be that you raise the amount needed to 12-15 and also raise the number of enemies spawned in every wave to compensate.

    • Some upgrades nerf some classes rather than buffing them. For example, when the Paladin gets the flail, he can no longer 2h wield the SoW. When the Rogue gets the Greatsword, he can’t evade (more like he shouldn’t) and he loses the LS which is, literally, the perfect weapon for this class. You are discouraged of using certain classes when you reach that point of the game because your class can’t compete with the range, versatility and power of Vanguards or the ever OP’d Archers.

    I really hope these get addressed. I haven’t been able to finish Crypt because of these 2 problems :(

  • There’s something I forgot to add. There’s an annoying glitch on the map that trolls (actual players, not in-game trolls) are exploiting. If a player leaves the server when a wave has ended and you’re in the short moment that comes prior to the next wave starting, the game registers as if everyone died and you fail the round, forcing you to play from the very beginning all over again.

  • @JustSomeGuy:

    • Map gets stuck because enemies won’t spawn. Twice in a row, me and a group reached wave 14 and were (

    This is also happening to me, seems to be on wave 14 as well. It happened 4 times in a row, but I only saw that it was wave 14 that last 2 times.

    Kind of makes the map unplayable if you can’t ever get beyond ~200 kills.

  • ‘Defeat’ when someone leaves is the big one. Worth a hotfix.

  • Played on official srever, same thing, bugged out at level 14.

  • When you get the Messer+tower shield with the knight, you can only 2-hand the messer making you unable to use the shield at all… My friend had this bug happen to him only once and I don’t know if it happens consistently…

  • Yeah I have experienced all these bugs. Another one is when you set the skull to “one room” enemies will spawn in the locked off rooms.

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