Dedicated Server - Problems

  • Hi, I’m hosting my own dedicated server and I am trying to get a specific map to work.
    The map:
    My Issue:
    I am able to launch the map from console on single player but when I attempt to connect to either a TLC or my own server with that map, it gives me this download error.

    What I have done:
    -Went through all the Usual SDKGame.ini and SDKEngine.ini setup
    -Set my Logging.exe to this: …_TO2-Horde_SandCastle_p?steamsockets -sdkfileid=289849044 -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -multihome=INTERNAL IP
    __-_Ive already checked the files and version which is: 2.20
    -Ive already copied the same files from chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\CookedSDK to the _chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\CookedSDK.
    What I need help with:
    I need help to host the server with the newest version of the map. (Which is 2.20) And not get the download error.

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