Problem downloading and running game

  • Hello all, yesterday i’ve bought this game on steam but i’ve had many troubles downloading game on steam. Dowload go on pause and dont restart and if i try starting game to update it say "an error is occurred, cannot dowload (file corrupted).
    I try deleting game and downloading it agan, try to unistall steam and reinstall.
    My configuration is
    cpu AMD x8 fx8350 - svga asus nvidia gtx760dc20c 2gd5 - win7 sp1 64
    Hope to get help thank you.

  • Thank you BillDoor; i run a checkdisk but no error found, try to instal on other drive but same problem. So i’ve changed download region on steam and finally download all game without error but when i start it and enter in a server or run tutorial my player turn on itself withaout stopping so i’ve to quit game. Check local file and find 4 files corrupted and download it again… this in loop

  • I’ve resolved all problems unistalling Logiteck extreme 3dpro joistik. Now all warks fine ^^ thx for help

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