Server failing to change maps.

  • Strange thing happened. One of my servers I was on didn’t change maps after the end of the round. It was citadel. The game ended agatha won and we all went to a loading screen.

    An endless loading screen.

    I was forced to quit the game and start it back up again. I looked at the TCA and it said the server was still running fine. I get to the server browser and sure enough its there. Still on citadel. I join the game and lock a team. I can’t spawn but I can fly the camera round. There were many people in the game still stuck in the loading screens I assume as no one replied to what I said. They were slowly leaving so I admin changed map to stoneshill. By that stage only 8 very patient players remained. They were all stuck on a loading screen waiting for the server to change maps.

    So yeah. I don’t know how often this happens. But I don’t want my servers getting emptied because they fail to change maps at the end of the round.

  • It’s been known to happen.
    But it’s weird, sometimes when you get the no respawn bug you can’t even login as admin afterwards so a change map is not possible.

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