The Kin Slayer - Broadsword for Mason Man At Arms

  • Hello all!

    My name is Jason Lavoie and during the day I’m an artist working at Ubi Toronto (our offices are semi close to the Torn Banner crew). I’ve been a big fan of Chivalry and thought it would be fun to try and make a couple of weapons / sets for the game. I did enter the polycount contest but the schedule got busy and I didn’t finish… so I continued to work after and came up with this Broadsword; The Kin Slayer.

    **"The Kin Slayer, a 1h Broadsword for the Mason Man at Arms. Passed down from father to son for many years, Kin Slayer has seen many battles, keeping a crude record of each foe slain by it’s blade. "

    **I know I probably went too high fantasy for the Chivalry crowd (I’ll be taking a couple stabs at more realistic sets later) but I figured I should see this little project through and collect as much feedback as possible.

    If you have any questions / feedback I’d love to hear it, and if you like what you see and possibly get it in game, it would be awesome to get a Thumbs-Up :)

    **Steam Page -

    Polycount Thread (progression pics) -

    **​Thanks again! And a big thanks to the talented crew at Torn Banner for making such a kickass game!

  • Its pretty good, but I think the damage is too exaggerated.

  • I think this looks awesome! It would work nicely with the Mason barbarian MAA.

  • I think this could work as a barbarian style skin. Nice job!

  • you guys taught me that a weak looking sword fits barbarians. yep.

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