Crypts - Riddle me this

  • When can a dancing b0ckswing torso twirling vanguard and a stabbing archer get along?

    In the crypts when you are all a team!

    This mode is so frackin fun, well done to whoever designed it.

    Just fix the premature end bugs and I would tweak the bots to immediately parry after a swing and miss and you have one amazing bot game which we can all enjoy. There are 100+ people playing right now and I can’t even get on the two servers I added.

    Oh and you know

  • she’s doing it wrong.

    oh and yeah, GJ TB. make sure you fix those bugs.

  • Silly woman, that’s not how you draw a bowstring! Thanks for trying though.

  • There was a bow in that picture?

    Nah jk

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