Sprint attack fix

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    because i would PM you.

    Greg does.

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    Greg does.

    i hope he tells you to put on a helmet before you cross the street.

  • Point is stop derailing threads. So you don’t like my opinions and thoughts. Who cares. No need to get angry or anything. By all means counter any points I have, go ahead. An on topic debate is fine. Just don’t get personal. That never leads to good things happening. It’ll be the both of us getting punished not just me. I don’t know what you hope to achieve by doing this.

    This is thread is about charges. Talk about them.

  • @Retsnom:

    yeah sadly the pole arm sprint attack sucks balls, not drag-able at all. Once you fire it off you are committed.

    Not only is it undraggable, but there is also a tendency to slide off your opponent while you are charging at them.

  • @Cerebral:

    Not only is it undraggable, but there is also a tendency to slide off your opponent while you are charging at them.

    Well that is entirely possible that I am simply sliding off of the player model like when you jump on someone from a higher elevation but with the inconsistency of the attack range if you jump too early you miss or it doesnt register or like you said, you slide off not scoring a much needed head shot thus having Archers and MAA and even Vans from surviving a suprize attack from behind.

  • Sprint attack fix when?

  • @lemonater47:

    Greg does.

    Off topic, calling out members please permanently ban this troll.

  • So fix when?

  • @Chimpanzer:

    So fix when?

    should have been fixed 1 year ago tbh

  • So fix when?

  • never ever

  • The charge attacks are ridiculous, and that’s coming from a vanguard main. Want to avoid a charge attack from a pole arm? Duck. Just duck. They’ll completely stab over you and you can stand up and punish them immediately for it. Not only are pole arm charge attacks super easy to avoid (ducking, side stepping, etc) but they also completely go against the goal of a pole arm; keeping range. With a halberd I want to keep as much distance as possible to strike without getting struck. If I use the charge attack though I’ll literally end up holding hands with my enemy. It’s a useless attack. The only good thing from a pole arm charge attack is 1 shotting archers from behind, which can still be a gamble on trying to hit.

    Sword charge attacks on the other hand are too strong. Super draggable, wide AoE, and not easily ducked. I don’t understand why 1 classes special skill positively affects only 1 category of weapons.

    I would like to see charge attacks completely removed, or changed to all of them being an overhead swipe.

  • Not easily ducked yeah no shit. You can jump over them.

  • @lemonater47:

    Not easily ducked yeah no shit. You can jump over them.

    All depends on your terrain with sword charge attacks as well as the fact that you can easily drag it so trying to jump over it is useless.

  • Combine that with the fact that Lemon still won’t admit that charge attacks are still inconsistent as (…).

    I’m okay with Polearm charges, really I am.
    Parrying them costs quite a bit of stamina and flinches you for quite a while. Dodging the attack on the other hand, is riskier but obviously more rewarding as the Vanguard’ll be left wide open for a counter.

    Above is the basic concept of a Vanguard charge. Everyone already knows what I just said and applies it constantly.

    So I don’t understand why sword charges are so inconsistent compared to polearm charges (yes Lemon, they are.) in both knockback and reach.

    Torn Banner, please copy+paste whatever code you wrote for polearm charges because at least it performs well enough. Make the sword charges an overhead or hell, another stab would do.

    If making a new animation is really not doable, at least remove the turnrate entirely during a charge.

  • They don’t need to make a new animation really. Wolfy made the grandmace use the swordanimations in his mod. That way the 2h swords could use the exact same charge animation as the polearms and spears. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  • noob broken move .remove it asap

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