Better stamina/fatigue model.

  • I did a fair bit of research on how stamina/fatigue/encumbrance/etc work and can be modeled for my Oblivion mod Realistic Fatigue that I ad-hock documented here. I also did some work on an immersive health indicator stuff in my Realistic Health mod.

    These mods did some simple tweaks to how stamina burned/returned and how fatigue affected you that totally changed Oblivion’s simplistic combat into something tactical. High ground gave you an edge, conserving energy mattered, and you could really feel when you or your enemy were exhausted and needed to take that into account. I (and apparently thousands of other people) thought it was pretty cool, and I’d like to see something similar in Chivalry.

    There were some extra simple things (eg reduced walk/run/jump/attack/block speed/height when fatigued) in my model that Oblivion didn’t let me do that you could in Chivalry. It also doesn’t have to be over-limiting. You can tune the model so stamina burns/recovers as fast/slow as you like, while still making it tactical. You can make it slow, so players slowly grind each other down into staggering, feeble swinging, exhaustion (only to be easily dispatched by the first fresh soldier to come by), or you can make it fast, so you are totally spent after sprinting to the top of the hill or making a flurry of attacks, but if you can just hold off for a bit you can catch your breath and fully recover.

    The encumbrance part of the model could be useful for tuning the classes and maybe giving a framework for things like picking up other classes weapons without being unbalanced; a heavily armored guy sucks with a crossbow because the combined weight makes him very slow at moving/reloading/etc.

    Anyone is free to use any of my work or ideas, and I’m happy to discuss/advise/etc if you want. My documentation is a bit messy and Oblivion-centric, but I’d be happy to tidy it up and simplify it if you are interested. It doesn’t have to be overly realistic or complicated… but a few simple tweaks can sometimes make a big difference to the gameplay.

  • I do so like this suggestion.

  • Sounds great!

  • i like the idea of a more realistic stamina bar. I think sprinting/jumping should wear it down a little. Makes sense. Thumbs up on this idea.

  • Just to say, great mod man, i used it back in the days when i was still playing my heavily tweaked Oblivion, RealisticFatigue was a must have mod on the list.
    I definitely support your suggestion. :D

  • I support this too. Will add more immersion to the game without, in my opinion, making the game less accessible (not that i care in my personal gameplay experience, but from a commercial view). Even in old classics games like Diablo 2, they had stamina burn for running and millions played/plays that game, so why not in Chiv?

  • For the record, I’ve started to write a generic description of the model with a simple example implementation in Python at It’s not 100% complete yet (I want to tidy it more and add stuff on attacking/blocking/drawing bows etc) but it’s mostly there. It takes into account encumbrance, health, stamina, and gradients to give you walking/running speeds and stamina burn/recovery rates.

    Anyone is free to use this model… I just want to play games with a better stamina model :-)

  • It seems like every damn game has sprint drain and cut outs though. I thought it was great that Chivalry didn’t. You’re already not very fast, why slow things down in that way further?

  • @Recurver:

    It seems like every damn game has sprint drain and cut outs though. I thought it was great that Chivalry didn’t. You’re already not very fast, why slow things down in that way further?

    Sprint drain and cut outs are a crappy stamina model. That’s not the way it really works at all. What really happens is as you sprint and your stamina burns, you slow down and your stamina burn rate slows, till at about half speed and half stamina you hit your “marathon pace” where your stamina burn equals your stamina recovery rate. This means you never burn more than half your stamina just running, and you never “cut out”.

    If you run and swing your weapon wildly, you will burn more than half your stamina, and this will make you even slower. At about 1/4 speed it becomes more efficient to walk than run. If you stop swinging wildly, even if you keep running, you will actually recover some stamina and speed back up to 1/2 speed.

    Now that’s a fairly realistic model, but for a game you can tune it to be more fun… say 3/4 speed and stamina is the “marathon pace”… you just need to tweak the stamina burn vs return rates. You could alternatively bump up the maximum running speed, since only “fresh” troops will be able to move that fast and not for long once they start running/jumping/attacking etc. It would make the sprint to position at the start of games faster without making the combat manoeuvring any faster.

    And then there’s the affects of gradients… you move slower uphill than downhill, making high ground a tactical advantage.

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