Infuriating 'Join lag'

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been running a few servers out of a dedicated box in a Kansas datacenter for a couple months. The box runs two Windows 7 VMs, one of which is mine which has 4 hyper-threaded cores of Xeon @2.2GHz w/ DDR3 dedicated to it and a 1GBPS connection. CPU use barely touches 50% at all, most of the time running around 10-20%, and memory use is well below 30% usage, but despite such a monster rig, I’ve been running into some severe lag issues.

    One of my servers is CMW running the Lasersword mod and it runs perfectly fine. The rest of the servers are CDW, and they get persistent lagspikes that occur whenever someone joins the server (this also happens sometimes when people leave, but to a lesser extent).

    I’m at my wits end trying to determine the cause of this issue. My original thought was that the two VMs running off of one spindle (one hard disk) was the root of the lag issue, but this wouldn’t explain why the CMW server runs fine and only the CDW servers experience the lag. I also tried running a RAMdisk and storing all the server files on there, but the issue still persisted.

    Monitoring resource usage, the only thing that spikes at all when people join is disk activity. The only thing I can think of that might help is adding another disk to the box and running my VM off of its own disk, but I’m really not sure if this is going to change anything or be worth the money.

    Any thoughts or insight? Thanks.

  • Your CPU is a little weak considering this game is mainly single threaded. Your server would be hard pressed to run the client on that CPU let alone the server lol. Then again you aren’t running TO. TO is the main culprit behind lag.

    But I’m running 6 DW servers with similar specs but with a 24 core 2.93GHz intel Xeon. Of course it only uses 5% of the bloody CPU on average but I don’t have any join lag. They all run 64 players. Though lately they haven’t been getting 64 players on them I think the highest ones peaked was 54 and that was a week ago. How much does your disk activity increase. It doesn’t sound like it would be the problem to me.

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