Cannot customize knight

  • so i can customize every single other character… armor, helmets and such. but when it comes to my knight (what i play the most) i cannot change anything. only weapons. its really starting to pi*s me off. im level 40 and want to wear my black helmet. anyone else experience this? i tried everything to my knowledge and nothing works. PLEASE HELP

  • That’s new…

    Sure you’re not selecting a component that’s locked, like unpaid DLC?
    Did you maybe make one of the .ini files read-only?

    Also, which weapon are you using to test it out? Grand Mace seemed to show your character as the default skin not too long ago, I’m not sure whether that’s fixed yet.

    If none of that applies, I’d start with the basic stuff like verifying game cache and deleting/renaming your Config folder from the Chivalry files in My Documents.

  • nope im trying to select my black helmet for level 40. doesnt work. i tried changing colors of my armor, doesnt work…
    but i can do this with every other character

  • just unchecked read-only on the folder, also verified game cache. still doesnt work… cmon guys i need some help here! its getting frustrating.

  • found out its the agatha skin thats glitched, i cant change it on free for all or agatha team. but mason can be changed. although if i try to switch my agatha free for all knight to a mason knight, its still stuck on the agatha skin i had before.

  • I just tried reproducing this with no luck. Any other info you could share about this?

  • i opt into a beta not long ago, retried it and it worked, went back to normal version, worked again. then about a week later i tried to change the armor but it didnt work again. i verified the game cache files multiple times, doesnt work… its game breaking for me. especially since i bought the inquisitor armor and cant use it…

    also, i can edit every other character fine, except for the knight

  • Any luck? ​.

  • no problems now… weird

  • I’ve fixed the issue not too long ago, there seemd to be line in my customizations .ini file that was no longer being used but did mess up Knight customization.

    Out of curiousity, the character you mentioned, was it the Mason Knight? Or just any team?

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