Gamemode Request - Dragon Attack

  • Come on, you all know it would be awesome! Defending a castle/village and its king & his royal family/princess from a dragon, or being the dragon who’s goal is to burn the town to the ground! Here’s how I would picture it playing as:

    Teams & Objectives:
    All players are on a team as Agatha defending the town and its royal family except one. That one either by a cycle-pick or elected by the player who delivered the killing blow to the previous dragon, and their goal is to destroy everything in blazing dragonfire.

    Dragon Gameplay:

    Movement & Flying
    The Dragon I picture would control similarly to the Pteranodon in Primal Carnage: the dragon can take flight by jumping into the air and normally flies constantly forward on a fixed level with a free-look 3rd person camera view. To angle their flight up and down by holding jump and crouch respectfully. Holding the forward or backward button will cause the dragon to fly in the direction the camera is pointing, left, right, up & down. To land the player simply aims at the ground and the dragon lands when it makes contact.

    The Stamina meter doesn’t deplete for preforming attacks, but instead is used for limiting flight, forcing the dragon-player to stay on the ground for periods of time and not abuse their flight. Stamina recharges slower then normal and the dragon can’t fly again until fully recharged, but attacks does effect its regen also allows for a good minute or soon of flight time when fully charged. When the stamina bar runs out, the dragon automatically starts gliding down to the ground and doesn’t begin recharge until it lands.

    Attacks & Combat
    Left-clicking will result in a blast of fire breath and is used for the main source for torching buildings and high AOE fire damage to players. Holding the button will result in a lone stream of fire. An “Ammo” counter in the bottom right corner for the fire breath that slowly recharges over time will keep the player from flame-spamming. This attack may be used in the air or on the ground

    Mouse-wheel-up results in a quick bite attack, mouse-wheel-down a slow stomp attack strong enough to insta-kill players underneath it, and right click does a medium claw swipe that knocks back players like a widespread heavy kick. These attacks can only be preformed on the ground.

    The dragon as a HUGE amount of Health but it does not regenerate over time like normal.

    Agatha knights:

    The Agatha knights fight as normal, using arrows, and ballista & catapults placed atop of towers or walls to damage the dragon while it is in the air, and engaging in melee combat while its on the ground. Arrows and normal weapons do only a little damage to the dragon, ballista do decent damage, and catapults do massive damage. If the dragon destroys a ballista or catapult, Agatha knights can repair it by standing beside it for a short amount of time

    One player is elected as the King and does much more damage to the dragon then normal players, but he also counts as one of the goals for the dragon to destroy.


    The Dragon wins by destroying the entire castle/town, its peasants & royal family (King, Queen, Princess, etc) before dying or running out of time.

    The Agatha knights win by either holding off the dragon from destroying the castle/town, or by killing the dragon.

    The next dragon is elected by either a random cycle allowing all players to be the dragon at some point, or the player who delivered the killing blow to the dragon becomes the next dragon.

  • As great as it sounds, it’s a damn tough job to code.
    Having some smooth dragon animations or some damaging AI is hard enough as it is, let alone one that is player-controllable.
    I suggest converting the dragon animations and models from Skyrim like I did a while ago, they got plenty of smooth animations to use.

    As for “Gamemode Request”–- this won’t be included by Torn Banner since it breaks realism (lol), so it’s an ideal idea for a mod. Get coding, I’d say.

  • You converted models and animations from Skyrim? Interesting. I’m intending to put some boss monsters into the Horde Sandcastle map. As for the AI coding, Sandcastle already features Bots which are one par in combat with the average player. Could you be more specific what you exactly used to import the models?

  • @Hordy:

    You converted models and animations from Skyrim? Interesting. I’m intending to put some boss monsters into the Horde Sandcastle map. As for the AI coding, Sandcastle already features Bots which are one par in combat with the average player. Could you be more specific what you exactly used to import the models?

    Well at the time I only needed a few models and animations to be used in Matinees.

    Skyrim stores its assets in .BSA files so I first used a program to extract these to desktop.

    Those I converted into .NIF files (I don’t remember the original files’ exact filetype, but I think it was a form of archived .kf or .nif) using hkxcmd.

    In 3ds Max, I first opened the skeleton.nif, then imported the actual dragon model and the texture (only the regular texture, I didn’t make use of the specular maps), and then finally the animation last. I saved the entire project as .fbx to import into UDK.

    Works well since UDK then adds them as different components into your package; 1 animationset, 1 texture and 1 skeletal mesh.
    All that’s left at that point it to turn the texture into a material and apply it to the skeletal mesh.
    For every animation I want to add, I had to make a new .fbx file using another animation, and then delete every component except the animationset upon UDK import.

    I know the entire process isn’t ideal considering it doesn’t use a physics asset or collision. But it worked for what I had in mind.

    Someone recorded one of my example usages not too long ago:

  • That’s awesome! I gonna keep that in mind but on second thoughts I don’t think it is wise to use Skyrim content to upload on workshop as a part of ur map. Anyway, good to know that it was done before. Thanks for the reply.

  • I mainly meant this as an idea to inspire Steam Workshoppers. And difficult mods have been done by some great modders, like the Black Knight and Giantslayers mods. Not saying that coding is easy, just that complex programming has have been for Chivalry.

    Besides, Torn Banner came out with Trolls and skeletons in the Crypts map. Adding a Workshop dragon mod seems mundane in comparison. lol!

  • Both of the mods your are mentioning are made by members of TB^^’
    Skeletons existed previously as well. They did add a Troll skin which is nice btw. But a sword wielding dragon behaving like a MAA is nonesense.

  • As much as I like Primal Carnage, I’d say it’s just too difficult for a modder to script a flying dragon with OP attacks.
    (If you want to fly with OP attacks, just charge attack 24/7 with Greatsword)

    What could be interesting though, is looking at Evolve’s concept of small team of humans vs beast.
    You can make the “dragon” a bit more humanoid and feature infinite stamina and more health yet with lower regen.
    The humans use like the old TDM ticket system, having around 5-10 reserves in case they get rekt.

    It’d be like a King Objective, all the time. I’d dig that.

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