Let's talk about the Maul….

  • So now that we have .9 flinch, no flinch in release, a speedboost to the chase mechanic, and Messer, Greatsword and Brandi nerfs how does everyone feel about the Maul? I’m very interested to hear the communities thoughts. I personally think that while all of those balance changes are for the better of the competitive community the Maul has become by far the most overpowered melee weapon in the game.

    I hate to be the guy that bitches on the forum about weapons that I think need a nerf. But I honestly think it’s negatively effecting the small competitive scene that’s left and adjustments need to be made to balance it with the other knight weapons. I know I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting that either a universal buff to stamina or a reduction of stamina drain from a parry would fix the probelm. But I think that in team play situations the maul stamina drain isn’t really the issue and the problem lies more with the insanely high damage it deals, the inability to flinch it and the effectiveness of drags and reverses with it.

    Anyways I’m happy to hear opinions on the matter and would love to hear your strategies for countering it if you think I’m off base here.

  • i say make it combo slower and see what happens hue
    like zwei

  • Play maa to counter a maul or knights in general, it is that simple. You can always move away from their swings and get them out of position…they can’t afford to hit their teammates.

    It’s not really that strong against people that know what they’re doing.

  • Maul b0ckswing meta. Makes me feel like smallest. Would like to have that time when only Spook was king maul back.

  • @ashvins:

    Play maa to counter a maul or knights in general, it is that simple. You can always move away from their swings and get them out of position…they can’t afford to hit their teammates.

    It’s not really that strong against people that know what they’re doing.

    I don’t play much maa but as a knight main for over 1300 hours I don’t find any knight weapons to be a fair match up against it. Sure in a 1v1 situation I could just parry until I stam out and hope they make enough mistakes for me to get a couple hits in. But in a teamplay situation it’s a whole different ball game.

    Maybe against an inexperienced player running away from attacks instead of parrying may be effective but not when there are multiple enemies in a team fight. Before the balance patch went through there were maybe a handful of high level maul players in the NA scene now it seems that anyone can just pick it up and have success even against superior players.

  • Shouldn’t one shot knights, IMO. Fun to play while listening to Hammer of Doom by Candlemass doe.

  • The problems that there is allways someone feeding the maul an easy parry and then your entire battleplan is out of the window.
    Make the first 0,4sec of riposte flinchable that way you cant pull most of the shit thats become common with the maul

  • It’s very hard for me to speak of the Maul objectively. As someone who plays mainly Van and MAA in scrims these days, Mauls are really not dangerous to me at all…

    Spear absolutely punishes and pressures Maul immensely:

    -The range obviously matters a ton. I can pressure the Maul a ton without even having to get in range for him to potentially attack me. Thrusts are strong too, and I can certainly poke him a ton even if he is in release. Even if he hits an enemy, there is a big window of time where he can’t CFTP me.

    • I’m basically immune to the non-sense Maul unflinchable riposte meta because I outrange him so severely. I LOVE when a Maul tries to target switch riposte to me, it’s all in vain. I just start another thrust as he misses me and wastes even more stamina and possibly get hit again/get killed by my teammate as he lingers in release (can’t combo when I hit him).

    • Unlike the Maul, the Spear has the ability to go very fast with its LMBs. It acts like a jab/keep-away, similar job to the Kick except it actually works and does ~20 damage, not an impressive amount but enough to kill guys when they’re really bloody. Spear LMBs are very good at flinching Mauls when needed.

    You can apply similar concepts with all Vanguard weapons since they all outrange the Longsword and thus outrange the Maul. But I believe Spear is absolutely the answer for Mauls, even moreso than the Zwei and Polehammer (their slow speed/unwieldiness and the Polehammer’s unreliable tracers are a big disadvantage in all their matchups), as a Vanguard.

    Man-at-Arms don’t mind Mauls all too much for obvious reasons. When it comes to Knights, MAA are afraid of the three swords (LS, SoW, and especially LMB’ing Messers, both friendly and enemy).

    That being said, the Maul IS really, really scary in the rare occasion that I am asked to play Knight for my team, lol. But I really am not sure if Maul itself is the problem or if it’s just a matter of us inferior-US-meta-years-behind-Euro-pro-meta just not adapting properly. Yes, Maul is obviously way stronger with how they recently handled flinching and releases and whatnot. But, maybe it’s become more of a class dance than anything. That, and people need to stop dying to god damn Maul ripostes (or feeding the ripostes, yes I am guilty of this too when I think the Maul won’t see/CFTP me, good thing I’m spear so only my teammates die instead of me lol).

    • Maul/Messer loses to anti-Knight Vanguard setups but Messer keeps MAA at bay, beats Knight-reliant setups.
    • Maul/SoW similar story as above, but maybe it loses to Maul/Maul or something lol… Maul/SoW probably the best Knight setup atm.
    • SoW/SoW beats any Vanguard setup badly and is threatening to MAA because fast + 2htk, loses to Maul/Poleaxe setups?
    • Maybe Double Axe is the answer to Maul setups? Dubaxe is basically a faster Maul that lacks one-shots on Knight/Van. And it’s not as horrible against Vans as the Warhammer is, lol. Pretty awful against MAA though.

  • maul is b0lanced

  • Idk most maul users are predictable and most nubs that use it are terribad and allows you to easily take them out. Sure there are some good maul users but they’re a minority of the game.

  • nerf the minority then!

  • Good players who use the Maul might be in the minority but the problem with the current Maul is that it doesn’t require you to be a good player anymore. Before all of the balance patches I can think of 3 Maul mains that I was worried about going up against.

  • i can only think of 3 maul mains that im worried about going up against atm

  • I can’t actually think of any maul mains.

    There aren’t any down here.

  • I can’t think of any maul mains
    there isn’t any comp scene left here

  • @zombojoe:

    i can only think of 3 maul mains that im worried about going up against atm

    who would that list consist of?

  • @Noobstomper:

    who would that list consist of?

    spook, pills and me

  • double 5678

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