Multiple Dediacated Server on one Machine

  • Hi,
    problems when i start a second dedicated Server on the same machine.
    The first stated Dedicated Server logs this:
    [0020.65] Log: StartOnlineGame() LAN Match: 0
    [0020.65] Log: StartInternetGame() 1
    This server is visible in the LAN Server Browser.

    The second Dedicated Server logs at the end:
    0018.08] Log: StartInternetGame() 1

    Here i miss the StartOnlineGame() LAN Match: 0 ??
    This Server is not visible in the LAN Server Browser.

    What is my failure? I tried to use different Ports on the second Machine. But this
    doesnt’t Help. For what is the Steam Query Port?

    I will use the Server on a LAN Party.

    Hope someone can help me.

    Greets from Germany

  • Hi,

    i have the same problem.


  • whats the startup option you have on both instances? are you launching with multihome options etc.,?

  • It would be better if you created a VM for each instance that way you can control CPU, ram, I.P. addresses and more. So much more that you can control if you set up VMs.

  • btw regarding the query port, it’s normally set in the commandline something like:

    AOCFFA-DuelYard_p?steamsockets?maxplayers=24 -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=1234 -QueryPort=54321

  • Developer


    AOCFFA-DuelYard_p?steamsockets?maxplayers=24?Port=1234?QueryPort=54321 -seekfreeloadingserver

    In any case, port and query port definitely have to be unique per server. The query port is the port used for Steam communication (while the “port” is for the game itself). If you want the server to show in the LAN browser, the query port has to be in the range 27015-27030, Steam only queries for LAN servers using these ports.

    (If it’s an Internet server, that restriction doesn’t exist; for Internet servers, the port and query port have to be accessible over the Internet, so any NATs in the way need to be forwarding that port / any firewalls need to not be blocking it)

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