Please help - cannot find AOC PlayerStart

  • Hi folks, I know it may sound as noobish question, but I just didnt find the answer so Im asking:
    Im trying to make a whole new map for Chivalry. I have baisc skills with UDK, but I never tryed to make a map for existing game, like Chivalry. So Im getting stuck at very beginning - cant find “AOCPlayerStart” in content browser under actor classes. I have read an official guide but they doesnt mention how to find it, they just have it listed there. I know its suposed to be under NavigationPoint - PlayerStart but only item I have there is default “UDKTeamPlayerStart”. Searching fails to find it, too.
    So I dont know if I missed something important or what.
    Here is the screenshot

    Before you point me to this topic, I just say I´ve already read it. Changing game type in World Properties doesnt work, because there is no “FFA” option - take a look: screenshot2

    I use 08-2014 build of UDK (64-bit), but as far as I know game was based on july 2012 build - might be that a problem ?
    Also, I tryed to run editor via frontend tool, but it opens the same 08-2014 package, but just 32-bit… So Im confused.

  • Developer

    You need to launch the Chivalry SDK via either the Chiv launcher or you can just use the SDK shortcuts (.bats) in your chivalrymedievalwarfare directory in your steamapps.