Servers going down for no reason.

  • So this is an issue that affects pretty much all my servers AND the official servers.

    I go on today to find that only 1 of my servers was showing on the server browser. Coincidentally there were only 5 official servers up as well. The 4 crypt servers and black knight TO. This left about 10 oceanic servers running total from various providers. and Torn banner Are the top providers down here and both our servers were/are down.

    Official servers here have gone down in the past as well.

    No idea if our problems are related.

    But when I look at TCA (our admin server tool we use) It says all our servers are running. But when you look at the server information it says 0/64. Which is strange as all our servers bar 1 are 32 player. Its running fine CPU and RAM usage are normal. It just isn’t on the server browser and is displaying the wrong player limit. This time one of our servers said it had a Start error but that could be unrelated.

    Our servers restart once a day at 4 AM.

    And again official servers are suffering from something similar. They are currently mostly down also.

    I’m getting tired of having to restart all my servers every once and a while.

  • It’s easy, server need fix this shit… CMW server never reconnects with steam master server when steam falls since the game went on sale two years ago… The server cease send packets from steam port and server disappear from browser even remains online via console…This does not happen if there are players playing, changing the map active the port… All game servers based on steam reconnects when it falls (even alpha phase games) less CMW …It is ultra annoying and needs manual attention and makes you want to close it forever ¬¬

  • I get these random disconnections from the Steam browser too. Sometimes it just fails to start an “online game” but it will keep running, as informed by TCAadmin and the logfile.

    Server will also randomly lose connection and will be unable to “transition to an invalid SDK map” which was perfectly playable moments before. This particular issue triggers many disconnections and some maps disappearing or wrongly appearing in getserverotation or getserversdkmaps.
    I get TCA notifications of how the server “stops responding”, yet it’s still running and can be accessed via IP.

    Really weird stuff. Not sure if it’s all related to U.F.O.'s post or are different issues altogether.

  • Yepppp… as far as I can tell these problems are all about losing the connection to the steam servers.

  • Now chivalry is down another time, I have 4 game servers in the same machine:

    Space Enginners = reconnect
    Gmod = reconnect
    Fistful of frags = reconnect
    Chivalry = not reconnect

    this shit need fix, server with 2 years old, this is incredible

    more games I had before:

    Arma3 = reconnect
    Red Orchestra 2 = reconnect
    The ship = reconnect
    Double action = reconnect

    all fucking servers reconnect except chivalry!!!


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