New Billhook skin [Shark]

  • Hello knights!
    I made the new skin for billhook and named it “shark” because its silhouette kinda reminds me of that sea creature.:redface-new:
    And yes, billhook is my favourite weapon when I playing as a vanguard!:02.47-tranquillity:

    Link for this weapon on steam workshop:
    Thanks for your time!:victorious:

  • very nice, the blade head could be a little bit more detailed tho but overall pretty good

  • Add maybe some markings on the blade to make it look less bland. Possibly celtic, like Bearded Axe’s.
    Overall I’d say this is looking good.

  • Or some scratches on the blade. Its cool putting scratches and smudge marks on the specular map so they show up when its exposed to light.

    Its a very neat skin. I would buy.

  • thanks for the comments guys! :lemo:

    I tried to apply different patterns and ornaments for the blade, but after that, it looked like a cheap fantasy replica.:butterfly:
    So I decided not doing this. Too much scrathes on highpoly model (and normal map) also gives the blade too worn and unusable look, so its always a choice to make it look a bit more real, or more like a fantasy weapon.

    once again, thanks for your support, votes and opinions!:tranquillity:

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