Weird multiple attack animation

  • This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s really perplexing.

    When a player attacks and gets parried, directly after the clash of weapons, the animation restarts and it looks like the attacker is instantly doing another attack. Like the attacker is counter-attacking after the parry. It’s a ghost/desync attack though which can’t hit you and probably is only visible on your own screen.

  • Video: (watch in 60fps)

  • Yes, that’s a desync. It’s the “double attack” desync, and it often makes people panic parry, when in reality they just need to attack or do nothing. You’ll get used to it, you just need to realize that there’s no way a REAL attack could follow up that quickly. Still very annoying though :(

  • I believe that due to your client seeing them start an attack animation, if you riposte/attack during the animation it’ll be a hit, regardless of if they parry. Thank you client side hit detection.

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