Mod/Feature Request: Open Colour Selection

  • Hello everyone, I have a request which hopefully could be implemented in a mod.

    Basically, my idea is to let players choose any outfit colour (Maybe even use any armour) in any game mode. So, I could be on Mason team and dressed all in white in a Team Objective match.

    And some of you are probably thinking that we wouldn’t be able to tell friend from foe and we would get a bunch of team kills. Well, this could be easily circumvented by putting a marker of some sort above a player’s head if they are friendly (Similar to multi-team games in Deadliest Warrior), maybe only when you’re looking directly at them so your screen isn’t cluttered by markers. Or, you could also put player’s names above their heads in different colours, depending on their team (Like War of The Roses).

    Just a feature that I’d really like to see someday.

  • That isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry.

    Request: better bots mod.

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