My game has disappeared

  • I went to get on Chivalry:dw today, but it did not appear in the launcher. So I went to Steam to activate it through the store only to find out that it says that I’ve never bought the game. I have emails to prove that I bought this game, and I wouldn’t that much affected by this, if it weren’t for me not getting a refund for it. What should I do or who should I contact?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Erm, as long as you have the proof of purchase code it should be fine… If I were you I’d contact Steam support.

  • Same happend with my game too.

  • If you are new, did you buy normal chivalry as well?

    If you click “Play” on chivalry in your’re library section it should pop up a thing saying “Chivalry Medieval Warfare” Then below should have Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior"

  • Game was deleted due to lack of use. Well hidden - right click on CMW and it might show itself.

  • It’s still there I was playing it last weekend for a bit cause I got tired of people turning invisible in MW. DW is far more stable.

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