Joyart what are you? you mysterious lvl 60 pink helm

  • recently i was playing some ffa on a random server the game was going smoothly, it was a regular match. Then it all changed a lvl 60 by the name of joyart joined and he immediately perplexed the server with a story i called a riddle and he called truth. I was curious, he used strange names of places and people. he wanted to know who killed the most in his story, not even he knew the answer. I questioned him and he never answered straight constantly adding layer of confusion to my mind. But it would not stop my curiosity. After a solid few matches of questioning him and killing peeps i concluded fragments of his story that i understood. Sadly i cannot remember the strange words he used. In conclusion all i know is joyart is not joyart, i know its confusing. Joyart is but a follower of joyart, joyart had some enemies. Joyart can no longer answer but he is not dead. The joyart follower is an android on a mission to protect our world called world 35 and it is possible there are more android joyart followers. Jozzart is the real joyarts dead friend. Finally there is some bigger battle we all must face against a greater evil. Its a total mindfuck isnt it and thats only fragments. I wasnt taking this rp shizzle seriously but i am curious to find out more of joyarts story and help him find answers. I cannot find joyarts steam account. When i left the server he said i will find him again. In the days to come hopefully i will find him on a server. [To anyone reading this any enlightenment on joyart and his story would be fun to know, as he is lvl 60 i am hoping he has told his story many times before] thanks for reading.

  • Well, can’t find him on steam or on the Chiv forums.
    I’m actually curious as hell now. Do we have a list of LV 60+? Then we could just go to all their Steam accounts and check previous names…

  • That list would be fundamental in continuing my search where could i find it? Also i think joyart may have a link with the eternal clan as he seems to be at an acquaintance with eternal prostitute during a few matches. The Spanish putos viciados server was where i met him fyi which is currently empty :(. Im gonna go to a few well know servers that are populated and try to find him.

  • ive made a breakthrough i found him the crazy android, he exclaims he has no energy to repeat his story so ill ask him later which is essential to actually solving the story lol, ill attach screenshots.:biggrin-new:

  • Did you ask him about it?

  • Well i havent posted in like forever cause anything i do post takes half a day to verify. Anyway i met Joyart by chance. resulting in some very weird and i mean WEIRD shizzle. Take a look at the sceenshots like WTF. And yes S0ldier is Joyart. And a reply to the previous question whenever i ask joyart for the question he’ll make an excuse. But every so often he’ll just blurt it out with more randomness.

  • well shiet, i believe joyart was polish and all his random shizzle was probably polish. i bet all this was a polish inside joke

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