Celtic Birds - group looking for new members

  • All we require to join is moderate skill and friendly personality. English recommended, but we do not require perfect knowledge.
    Feel free to join us. :)

    How to join?
    Go to http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CelBirInv and post a new discussion (you can use “Example” as a guide)
    Steam group for invated - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/celticbirds

    Why You should join us?
    We are trying to build Chivalry guild with great community that not only plays together but also communicates over forums, Skype and private messages. You can be part of it at the very beginning!

    We have in-game team customization that all members can wear.

    Shield wall - A pack of lone wolves are not as strong as the self disciplined warriors in a strong shield wall.

    We are planning our own private Chivalry server with Team Speak or Mumble (once more members will join us).

    The Celts were originally a diverse group of tribes stretching from Ireland. Their rich Iron Age culture continues to influence the art and culture of the modern world. Among the most utilized Celtic symbols were those based on animal forms. In Celtic mythology birds were associated with death transitions.
    "Claw out of the usual, and fly into more unusual methods to accomplish your goals. "

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