Game Launched Through Batch File?

  • I noticed the game seems to be launched through a batch file rather than an executable when trying to add it in the Nvidia control panel. That being said, it’s impossible to add it to the Nvidia control panel as a batch file and so we’re unable to force any of our own settings that we would like. I’m sorry if there is indeed an executable for Chivalry, but I just can’t find it and I’ve looked all over the folders in the game directory. Would it be possible to patch in an executable in the future?

    Anyways, loving the game so far! Would just like to be able to use Nvidia control panel to add my own flavor of AA and AF.

  • Lol, what?


    Add it to NVIDIA INspector or the control panel and tweak away.

    Can’t force SLI yet though. Can force anything else.

    Also, if you add -dx11 to the shortcut, you can boot in DX11 mode with MSAA.

  • What you are looking for is in the binaries\win32 folder. Its called UDK.exe.

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