ѴɅLOR Recruiting!

  • Valor is now having open recruitment, please fill out the form below if you are interested.

    We like to have fun and mess around, but we also strive to be the best that we can.

    You don’t have to be an MLG Duelist to apply, we are mainly looking for teamwork and the willingness to learn the game.

    You will have to participate in at least ONE Team Objective scrim with us. Furthermore, you will have to participate in at least TWO Last-Team-Standing matches with one or two other Valor members.


    Here is the form (submit to my recruitment account, link above)

    1. Do you have a working microphone?
    2. Have you played with any members in Valor? If so, list them.
    3. Can you be active and practice/scrim often with the team?
    4. What are some strong areas and weak areas of your play style?
    5. Have you had any competitive Chivalry experience in the past?
    6. What is one thing you are trying to improve on as a player?
    7. Do you have good social/team skills? If not, how can you improve them?


    1. Yes
    2. Yes, I am in Valor and thus, I have played with almost all of them.
    3. I am constantly playing and I practice often, usually in duel servers.
    4. A strong point is my footwork, I can usually avoid attacks through it. A weak point is that, sometimes I make risky/stupid decisions.
    5. Yes, I was in a clan called Sp00kIsbAd
    6. Trying to read feints, rather than guess at them.
    7. I believe I do, I cooperate well with teammates and get along. I never rage and never blame anyone but myself.

  • Global Moderator

    Important question, what region are we talking about here?

  • @Skindiacus:

    Important question, what region are we talking about here?

    North America

  • crumplywalnutz
    im good i have a microphone
    i can practice skrimish whatever i play almost everyday anyways
    im a fairly good player but want to improve everything
    i want teamwork so communication and stuff like that should be great

  • http://www.steamid.co.uk/profile/76561198029021667

    1. Yes I do, but I’m french, I can speak english though I just don’t understand slang words.
    2. I never played with any of you, just have seen you on youtube in a tournament.
    3. I sure can practice.
    4. Good at flanking, might panic block against huggers
    5. Sadly I didn’t
    6. I want to be able to kill quickly
    7. If I lose I am reponsible of that, I had to do better, there is noone else to blame.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/sunnybonez

    4. im pretty decent at playing everything i cant rainbow but i understand how it works and how to counter.
    7. i have good people skills and have playing other games competitively in the past.

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