The Bug with the Harpoon Gun + Others Issues

  • I am not sure but there was a problem with me using the harpoon gun in the defend the castle map (sorry didnt catch the name at the beginning). the single harpoon gun on the map gave me problems listed below:

    To be to clear I was defending (red team) and the blasting cap ram was at the wooden walls of the castle.

    1. After the first kill it would should my name in blue (i was on red team) and personally i thought i was doing it wrong. i would harpoon men and then both our names would should up in blue with the explosion symbol between us.

    2. after taking a shot i tried to let go of the harpoon to defend myself against people realizing i was using the harpoon gun and as i pressed e my hands were glued to the harpoon gun and i could swing or move away more that 3m. I am going to upload some pictures to this that i captured using steams screenshot.

    1\. my last complaint/concern is the map rotation would it be possible to implement some type of side rotation i am always defending the objective and never attacking. maybe play the same map twice in a row and "switch sides" to experience the entire map/game.
    as i was playing people were complaining and i doubt they will even mention it because its a waste of time but people are saying the javelin thrower is "bug" not sure how but i would like to bring this up. other complaints i had is the UI being too vague in description. when it says "kill filthy peasants" it doesnt say anything about burning down the house which also count. again, this isnt my complaints because i havent been in that situation yet (always defending for some reason) but i would like to bring it up.

  • the pictures are big because of my resolution but if you save image and then look at them it should help seeing what i had trouble with.

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