Moving to a new HDD - Anything I need to do?

  • Hey, my current HDD is about to break and so I am getting a new HDD. Is there anything I need to do so that I will be able to access my rank on my new HDD?


  • I’d suggest you make a new draft email and attach your udkstats file. Then just save the draft.
    My email drafts are full of various configs for many games. If its of interest just stick another
    drive in the case and in windows mount it as inside a folder named say steam. This way you
    just take that drive to what ever pc your upgraded to and mount it again as your steam folder.
    This saves time for me.

  • your stats are stored in the cloud, don’t really need to back up the stats file. there’s some stuff in the other ini files you might wanna save so just back up Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config. also, back up your steam games folder so you don’t have to redownload everything.

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