Overclocking Bug?

  • I joined the forums to post this because I just got kicked for “Speed Hacking” yet I’m playing like I normally do. I did think it moved a little smoother though, but figured it was because I recently overclocked my CPU from 2.6 to 3.4 GHz and gained a consistent FPS increase. After the kick, I played a game with a friend who was sitting beside me, and we noticed my animations were about 1.2x faster then normal.

    Would overclocking my CPU cause an issue like that? If so, is there anyway for me to fix it on my end besides NOT overclocking? I’d like to keep my more optimized CPU speed.

  • Yes, this is a known bug that’s been around forever and is really annoying, you move faster than you should be able to, you’ll hit during your windup but your release can still take forever. It’s just no fun fighting against people who are overclocked.
    TBS doesn’t seem to be able to fix this bug either, I myself would class it as a speedhack though.

  • its got to do with a certain way you OC, something to do with laptops mr rets had a thread about it

    i dont doubt some people slightly OC to desync their shit, would explain why some players have consistently bad animations regardless of ping

  • Its a frustrating bug. After restarting my PC it was fixed, then happened again next restart. Seems to just randomly happen for that period my PC is on.

  • did you use a program to OC or BIOS

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