Unable to bind keys

  • Unable to bind keys on certain keys on numpad, such as end and home, pgdn and pgup also is bugged and activates whilst binding. Whole key binding system is f:ed up, I play on arrow keys and most keys over there are not binding as they should, I have tried numlock variations but it still doesn’t work properly to bind home/end/pgdn/pgup/ender…also backspace not working.

  • mostly numpad is bugged out. it conflicts with ins/home/del/end/pgup/pgdn.
    I have tried numlock variations. It’s broken. Please fix it, I bought the game today.

  • Keybind issues are already reported and should be fixed soon.

  • Ok sorry if post was unnesessary, I’m new at this

  • No worries; there are a lot of posts flooding the forums with the game just being released, nobody can be expected to know all of the currently reported issues.

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