Server failing to change map.

  • So this has happened 3 times now. This time on one of my servers so I can give you a server log when that gets automatically saves tomorrow.

    But yeah its happened on official servers and now one of my servers.

    Its always been on citadel as well. Don’t know if that’s a coincidence though.

    But at the end of the round It will end as normal with the losers going to fists. However I do know on all 3 occasions the attackers never reached the last stage. In fact at least I can conform on the last 2 occasions that the game ended on the free the slaves stage. The 25 seconds after the round will count down and everyone will go to a loading screen afterwards. An endless loading screen that forces you to quit the game. If you rejoin the server the player count will say there’s 0 people on. But once you are back in its still on citadel and it shows people who are still in the loading screen on the scoreboard. In their respective teams not shown as spectators. The background of their names are coloured. And they will all slowly all leave as they quit their games.

    Console commands will still work. So you can still votechangemap or adminchangemap. However doing that will boot everyone still connected from the server. They get the “you have been disconnected from the server” message.

    So yeah sort of annoying. Official servers seem to be crashing a bit too lately. Everyone will lose connection and the server will restart itself.

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