Hiding kill messages in the HUD

  • Is it possible to hide the kill messages on the top right corner of the screen? I would like to do so for the reason of not wanting to know, if I get killed by the same person over and over again. Hiding chat is also very helpful, but hiding kill messages would be greatly appreciated. This would increase the atmosphere of the game, make you feel like you are just a small cog in the wheel of a war machine and also reduce any chance of rage, since you don’t know who you just succumbed to.

    This is the same reason I hid chat (although that made the coop mode unplayable, because of lack of information).

    I haven’t found a console command to do this, except turn off the HUD completely. Any help would be
    appreciated. :distracted: I would enjoy an option in the menu, just like hiding chat. I’d also like it if the kill messages and chat messages wouldn’t be tracked in console, if that option is disabled, since sometimes you have to use that and then you see all that stuff anyway.

    I know this might be a bit irrelevant to gameplay, but I think it would increase the enjoyment of the game immensely, at least for me. Plus in single life game modes, having a server side option where you can turn off kill messages, it would increase the tension of not knowing what the status is.

  • I do not want to force this discussion endlessly, but want to try one more time to maybe get it started or at least have a response.

    Thinking that this could help people reduce the imagined feeling of hostility, by getting killed over and over by the same person, I believe this tiny addition would be a nice to have. I also do not see any apparent downsides right away, since it would be a client-side optional setting.
    On that note, maybe it should also be possible client-side to hide the tabs for Kill, Death and Assist in the scoreboard, if the user only wants to see score (like more shooters these days are doing), to promote teamplay or just to not see how badly they are doing and rather have fun. The idea of “you don’t have to look at it” is of course a valid concern, but in a gaming environment, where you focus on every little bit of information, having kill messages and scoreboard information being shown, makes it so once cannot help but glance at it, if it is visible anyway.
    Personally I would also be in favor of this being a server-side setting, if the server decides to promote objective play more. Objective play doesn’t seem a very bad issue in the game right now, as people are really working towards it, but maybe some are sticking back, maybe not trying to die too much, because of them suspecting of being “bad” when their Kill/Death ratio is low.

    If any of this is already in-game, I’d also appreciate a pointer to where I can find it. My highest concern is of course still hiding the kill messages in the top right of the screen, as those cannot be ignored by me and I also feel they give too much information to me, which is already being given by the audio in the game anyway (death moans give away a failed assault attempt).

  • i think togglehud in console will disable all hud elements, not sure though

  • Thank you for the reply. Yes Togglehud is for hiding the whole hud to make screenshots. This of course removes important information like objective markers as well as ammo pool positions and also personal important information like health bar or stamina bar. It is possible to work without those, I guess, because of the good audio queues given, but I do not want to miss them, to be honest. :)

    I think I will give togglehud a try tonight though.

  • With the new HUD options, you can easily make all HUDs small enough and transparent enough that it is virtually gone. Adjust to still allow notifications or the best that fits your needs.

  • @Retsnom:

    With the new HUD options, you can easily make all HUDs small enough and transparent enough that it is virtually gone. Adjust to still allow notifications or the best that fits your needs.

    neither the scaling or opacity settings have any effect for me.

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