How to edit an existing map?

  • This is prob a dumb question but whoever answers it will be my hero:

    How do I edit an existing map?

    I want to edit aocffa-stonehillvillage and make a cool modified version. When I open it in the launcher i can edit it. I can add things and save it and the changes will be saved in a new map I called aocffa-battlevillage. Everything will work fine.

    But when I try to remove things from aocffa-battlevillage it changes the package in the original map aocffa-stonehillvillage. The result is that if for example I remove the castle door it is only removed on my computer. When someone else downloads my map it will reload that door from the original map. And worse it will cause my files to be considered corrupt when I play online.

    How do I bypass this?

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  • thats strange normally all of the base game packages and maps are readonly

    what you want to do is a create a new map and copy paste everything into that, give a unique name and you should be set to go

  • YOu mean shift-a (select all) entire map and copy in new map?

    I v tried this and it finds 3000+ actors but only copies 1000 ish actors into the new map when I hit “paste here”.

    Am I doing it wrong?

  • you can also try selecting all and creating a new level with all the selected objects from the level lab tab

  • Hmmm, I tried exactly that and it works to copy everything but it refuses to save the new map afterward. Says it uses objects from a different package it can no longer find…

    Any more ideas?

  • Now that might really help! Thanks man :)

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