Cant play on my custom map? (FFA)

  • Hi there,
    since my last post about unability to find aocplayerstart I´ve moved on and solved my issue, now is here another one :tongue-new: I´ve finally managed to create my first map, according to THIS. Its very basic map, almost as the default one, but:**despite the fact I followed all steps (adding aocplayerstart, setting gametype to FFA etc) and cooked it in frontend, load and open ingame, I cant spawn on my map. I just cant spectate and fly-through my map, with nothing happening. When I choose the class, weapons etc, it says “Respawning in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” and when the countdown comes to 0, nothing happens. Bots are not spawning, too.

    Any ideas ? Am I missing something important ? Basically, I followed the tutorial in the link above…

    thanks for help**

  • did you build the paths?

    you need to do that every time you add/edit spawns

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