Couple humble ideas (slight tweaks)

  • Played the game for roughly 10 hours now, and I have to say, well done. The game is absolutely killer. I can’t remember the last title that gave me so many laugh out loud moments.

    -Something that would be nice though, is if you could look at the Class Select screen from within the game menu, to track your progress and see all the weapons, maybe even your stats for the classes (if that’s possible).

    -Something else that I think needs addressing is the spawn timer for the defenders on all maps. I know attacking should be more difficult than defending, no question. But I’ve never seen the last ending to that ship assault level, nor have I ever seen Agatha win on that castle siege one. I’ve probably played at least 7 games on each level, so that’s a 100% loss rate for the attackers, which is pretty steep.

    Now, if the game was designed so that this should be a rare occurrence, the attackers winning, then that’s cool with me, really. Taking a castle is damn hard work in the Medieval period, considering the tactics and mechanics available at their disposal.

  • I believe better stat tracking and display is on the to-do list. I’d personally like to see Steam stat tracking integrated at some point in the future. I like to see stats as detailed as possible, personally - if Chivalry could track everything from lifetime # of kills to total distance I’ve kicked enemies to what % of my attacks are stabs, overheads or slashes, that’d be really awesome. Not likely to happen, but it’d be awesome if it did.

    I agree that the defending team is at much too severe of an advantage right now - but I disagree that the defending team should have any advantage. I really liked how in Age of Chivalry the attackers had the advantage, to the point where they would almost always win the map in a balanced game with equally skilled players. It was still competitive in clan wars, because rather than best of three or something, you would just play one round on each side and the winner was whoever won fastest - and it made total shutouts much more impressive. The biggest benefit to the attacking team having the advantage, though, was definitely that you got to see every stage of the map most of the time. Knowing that you’ll have an uphill battle on defense isn’t as bad as knowing you’ll probably be shut out before you can reach the final objective.

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