• Ready for Alpha release.

    Give me all your feedback pls.

    I originally started this as a duel map lulz.

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346267578

  • Looks like archer paradise tbh.

  • Archer warfare 2.0

  • @Kreittis:

    Looks like archer paradise tbh.

    thats why i added the roof over the bridge

    the map will probably need trees or more boulders

  • Cool Map! Played it today. It had some lighting issues, it looks much better in these pics than when i played it.
    You should make it bright again like in the pictures.

    Also, I think you should raise the bridge roof so people can fall off the sides.

    And the end of the bridge on both sides has some weird collision issues, check into that.

    Perhaps you should consider putting Agatha banners on one side, and Mason banners on the other?

    Also, like you mentioned, maybe some trees or boulders to fill in the empty open space, as cover.
    Or even a fountain or a cart, just anything to make the open space more interesting.

    Anyway, cool map, I like it!

  • Yep ^ alpha test was just for functionality.

    Beta will have decorations, more cover, better collision and lighting.

    I’ve already fixed the lighting, its no longer pitch black where it is dark, its more of a shade of blue like in vanilla maps.

    No idea why the lighting looks so much better in the screenshots.

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