Server not showing up anymore

  • HALP! So, I was forced to do a hard reset on my router, and now my server isn’t showing up anymore. I have port forwarded all of the right ports (UDP 27015, 7777, 7778), double checked the PCServer-UDKGame.ini settings (every is the same as I had my server up from before), made sure that there were no Firewall interferences (However, I did just install Comodo Firewall. Is that the issue here?), and verified the integrity of Chiv’s game cache/dedicated server.

    While I was looking inside the engine, I did spot the line “invalid multihome address ip internal”, but I am not sure if I had that error before I did the reset. I no longer see my server when I refresh the serverlist. Did Chiv change anything from the last time I’ve checked? Are there any custom settings I have to adjust in Comodo Firewall in order to see my server on my master list? Plz help.

  • Nevermind, found out what the problem was :s

  • Maybe tell what the problem was for archiving purposes.

    Don’t be DenverCoder9.

  • Sometimes after an update and or a server reboot a server will not show up in the server browser till someone actually joins it and is in the server for a bit for Steam to pick it up and recognize it. You should know the server IP address and while in game bring up the console and type:

    OPEN (your server IP address)

    It will also recognize long name server addresses as well like:

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