Instigator Set

  • Hello :smilet-digitalpoint

    I made the instigator set for the Polycount Arms & Armor competition. I did not won but hopefully you guys will like it anyways:

    Workshop link


  • The helmet looks really blocky

  • Very sexy renaissance-ish!

  • @Zombojoe The helmet looks edgy because the poly count budget specification is really low in comparison to the sword.
    Sword triangle limit: 5000
    Helmet triangle limit: 1200

    My entry helmet was all about round shapes and I fought every single triangle to fit the budget and still get some shape variety.
    Also, you are seeing it on a sort of high resolution zoomed image but I promise it’s harder to notice ingame.

    helmet wires:

    @SavageBeatings Thanks!!! I love the late medieval and early renaissance style for chivalry

  • only 1200 lolwut?

    that cant possibly be right

  • @zombojoe:

    only 1200 lolwut?

    that cant possibly be right

    All helmets were restricted to that. I did a noobish try at making a helmet for the contest as well, was hard to keep it below 1200.

  • how is it that a shortsword can be 2000 poly but a helmet which is infinitely more detailed has to be lower?

    TBS pls

  • Because you see a weapon model up close and fairly static (while not swinging) all the time, helmets you mostly only see from a distance and they are always in movement so a the higher detail is wasted. That said I do feel the helmet limit is a bit too restrictive but I haven’t done any sort of performance budgeting to justify it.

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