What the hell is this?

  • The helmet you got for entering the weapon modeling competition or something along those lines.

  • Well, first there’s a picture of a happy MAA and a knight being axe buddies. Then all of a sudden the knight dies and the MAA is heartbroken to see his good friend slain in battle, or perhaps even murdered.
    He decides to set out on an epic quest to find who could’ve done such a preposterous and evil doing. . .

    There’s no more records on how the story ended, you got the only two parts of it. And from what I understand this is what the experts have concluded so far.

  • They added Ninja Turtle masks. Didn’t you hear?

  • SLICK MASK! Wish they’d just make the Juggernaut mask a 99cent purchase so there’s juggernauts everywhere.

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