• Hey guys, yo crushy, King here. I note some problem with “merc” gameplay, I’m gonna tell you here and I hope you care!

    1st “Handlefix” (ty Pornbanner for this broken tracer) Its totally broken when my morning star and other weapons like this going to the ennemy but dont hit him. Why you don’t totally delete this bullshit thing who broke the game and make the anim inconsistent ? (I know you change the handlebullshit tracer in merc so I think you can delete it)
    Second:Flinch time
    0.8/0.9 flinch is too short, and really broken, weapons with longreleasetime/longcombotime get flinch at every combo, make the game random and unskilled.
    3rd : Stamina
    Now the weapons are slow, now it’s eazy to read/block, just make a +30% stamina for every class, for a longer duel/fight, so it’s make longer for counter an opponent with a stamina drain weapons.
    4rd : Stun
    Let’s delete dis bullshit casual 1.5/2 seconde stun when you block an attack without stam, bring back the real stun when the game is release (the stun who push back and allow you to block) Cuz we’re not tornbanner studio, we dont need a 2 seconde stun for hit a opponent…
    5rd : Shield kick stun
    Same for this; now without shield you can “multy-block” it’s a fuckin good mechanic for no-shield.
    So, kick "2"seconde stun it’s totally casual and make the shield unbalance now, you can multy block so why take shield ? With 2hander or 1hander you can’t get stun and you can multy block/parry so remove shield casual stun.
    And 6 and the last :
    Unbug the heavy xbow range, and buff normal/heavy crossbow domage.
    Every archer know that short/long bow need fuckin buff since the release of the game, ofc you buff it, but you nerf crossbow for noreason in the same time, it’s a big mistake, short/long bow can’t be buffed if you nerf the other archer weapons.
    Top archer weapons before = Heavy xbow (but bugged range, enjoy pornbanner) Normal xbow, lightxbow and warbow
    Top archer weapons Inmercmodnow = Shortbow, longbow, warbow, Lightxbow.
    2 useless weapons before, 2 useless weapons now. Finally it’s the same and flinch is back, everyone know short/longbow have the flinch advantage cuz better rate of fire; let bow like this, give retail domage to normal and heavy xbow and it’s gonna be perfect.
    And nerf javelin, the biggest “domage-per-seconde” weapons, need more ammo but need the “bow” domage, not xbow.

    I hope you understand with my crap english and fix/balance the game.
    Best regards.

  • Gonna point out here that giving a spammy weapon like shortbow(high fire rate and enough mobility to keep shooting until you run out of ammo) ability to counter-archer and be a melee flinching machine gun is wrong and dumbs down the game. Being able to keep shooting while giving zero fucks about positioning or awareness requires almost no skill. Out of bows give only warbow the ability to oneshot archers to chest so it can be viable again. Nothing faster than longbow/lcb should be able to oneshot anything to the head, not even archers, only exception would be javelins I guess. In my opinion you should keep shortbow as the flinch machine and longbow as the compromise between warbow and shortbow.

    Gotta keep in mind that the game is not all about projectile speed because in Chivalry higher projectile speed = less mobility forcing you to operate from longer ranges where you actually need the higher projectile speed. This is what makes Javelins so easy in so many aspects. You can get extremely close with the high mobility and buckler that both make counter-archering you harder. This is more than enough to compensate for the slower projectile speed. 'Hence I, too, find the damage TBS allocated to javelins too high.

    Now all the crossbows essentially need more damage than bows to keep up with their dps because first of all, slower reload but also you often can’t start reloading immediatily after shooting or you’ll get shot. So you have to run behind cover which further slows you down unless you wanna risk reloading by turning around(you can still be shot) and still it’s slower than reloading immediatily. Lcb has fast enough reload to be able to reload immediatily after reloading every now and then with good positioning and awareness. That way you can keep up with bows’ dps but most agree that it’s not as easy as it seems against good archers. The problem with regular and heavy xbow is that you have such a slow reload that you have to move behind cover every single time to reload and you need the damage and longer range capabilities to compensate for all this. The problem is that this way you only show up to shoot and it essentially requires less positioning and awareness.

    As always, only way to realistically balance all the archer weapons is around 1 archer per team meta.

  • ^Or as it’s a mod they could have 1 crossbow, 1 bow and 1 javelin. Would make balancing decisions far easier.

  • @Xylvion:

    ^Or as it’s a mod they could have 1 crossbow, 1 bow and 1 javelin. Would make balancing decisions far easier.

    Sure, that’s how Slasher’s gonna do it. Would require big changes though and I personally wouldn’t appreciate giving up on the only weapon my playstyle I’ve perfected works with. At this point of the game I doubt I’d put the time and effort into learning something completely new. Gonna be so much better in Slasher though when crossbows will be more differentiated from bows.

  • aiming xbows with slashys aiming system sounds fun

  • Tick System Update: 05/16/2015

    • Longsword Clashing working though not consistent. I have used the more complicated hit detector (that I have implemented) on the pawn model to determine if a clash would occur. At the current stage, the clash would occur a little too much or a little too little. I am in the process of making it more consistent.

    • Shield bug has been addressed. But this might change with the clashing system being in place, since clashing is a very big overhaul and affects almost every aspect of gameplay.

    • The preliminary HUD for spectatorship is being worked at. At the moment, player name is not working as properly as it should be (such as the special letters not showing up).

    Now the big news. I am currently two weeks away from working for a game company that I am excited to work at and I do not think I’ll be able to continue at this pace with what is going on. I am happy to provide to any coders/programmers the files I have so far if one is willing to work on it. I will try to come back from time to time and finalize the clashing system at the very least, but since I am working alone at the moment, you will need to be patient with me.

  • RIP Mercs.

  • Theres a new update out 1.9


    -Fixed stamina bug with longsword
    -Fixed a bug in the code
    -Removed poleaxe skin for now, preparing it for the new upcoming skin system

  • I approve this new update.

  • What was the LS stam bug?

  • Also whats up with the noises? They are really annoying

  • best update by far great job crushed

    a true innovator



    -Fixed le dank sounds

    Mercs DANK will be on the workshop soon as seperate mod whoever wants to enjoy some maymays in this highly respectable serious mainstream esport title.

    The next update will be soon with a new customization system which will allow us to use alot of the unused skins from the workshop & add helmets perhaps, some highly skilled creators already gave me some skins!. Maybe we will even see clashing aswell ;)

    For those who can’t take a little joke, you might wanna go outside and get some fresh air. Atleast we had a blast in EU. Let me know if there are any issues.

  • wow fast response

  • Some more MERCS news:

    Height has disbanded the current balance council and will make his own along with his own mod for NA. MERCS will continue to be updated ofcourse and we are making a new balance council mostly consisting of EU players. Balance decisions will be made for the currently thriving EU Mercs scene. NA can take it or wait for Heights stuff.

    All of the old Mercs council members can apply to the new council aswell. I could go on a big rant about this but there is just no point. For the EUs reading this, if you want to get in the council hit me up on steam and we will talk about it.

    The maymays were just too dank this time boys

  • and this is what happens when you get a dank meme overdose

  • Dank update.

  • Consequences of meme overdoes. Remember kids, don’t meme and drive!

  • What balance issues are the cause of such a difference between NA and EU?

  • frankly i have no idea, afaik EU was dead but came back recently and the skill level of EU is leagues above NA

    tbh most of the balance changes made by the council were petty and completely subjective

    most ppl were just trying to buff their playstyle and nerf everyone elses, thats not how any game is balanced

    what we should have been focusing on was refining mechanics, not giving out our feelings on how fast or slow each weapon should be and how much damage it should do to each class

    idk if the recordings of the meetings got uploaded somewhere but the most common phrase at the beginning of a statement was “i feel like X is OP” it was never about facts, only feelings

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