-Reduced knockback on all vanguard primarys by 15%

    Never was a fan of flying 5 meters backwards as a knight against greatsword, great stuff!

  • Increased the BUBBLE? WTF are you thinking? If anything it should be reduced….
    These means getting bubble stuck, greatly reduces footwork, makes fists and kicks almost useless…
    Already testing and getting bubble fucking stuck when jumping down on players… Fucking dumb


    Reduced Blowback by 20%? Again seriously? WTF are you thinking?
    It is already knight bias…

    Smokepot, about time…
    still no proper archer balance…

  • New MERCS Update 1.98


    -Updated smoke pot smoke effect
    -Greatly reduced world collision bubble radius which means you can get much closer to walls and other things in the world.
    -Player collision bubble radius reduced by 10% from current patch - World collision bubble radius reduction is being compensated here aswell so right now the bubble radius is around ~10% bigger then live.
    -Claymore overhead release increased to 0.525 (0.45 previously)
    -Claymore slash release increased to 0.525 (0.45 previously)
    -Claymore combo times increased to 0.65 (0.625 previously)
    -Fixed heater shield not working with flails
    -You can now use heater shield with other weapons then flail (not sure if this was already possible or not)
    -Added buckler to knights
    -Fixed Warbow not being able to one shot man at arms with a headshot using bodkin arrows
    -Bardiche overhead damage now 100 chop (95 chop previously)
    -Removed console command detection as said commands are no longer working to prevent people spamming servers

    Report issues and feedback in this thread. Big thx to beans who helped me with the smoke effect.

    In the near future there will be a new MERCS Beta mod where big patches will be tested on first before going live, stay tuned.

  • Can anything be done about that bubble? Alot of my attacks don’t hit with shortrange weapons while standing close enough. When attacking someone from behind it’s even worse. Was already bad in vanilla.

  • Another bubble trilogy incoming tbh.

  • I got something for you, I found a way to ONLY nerf stab feints.

    This first part is the base of it, which will conclude if the attack is a stab, in a combo, or just any regular other attack, you can add different timers for all types of attacks if you so wish, most likely also for different combo attacks, I have not looked into combos though. DO NOT add it inside default properties.

    //Has to be added
    var float StabEndFeintWindowTime;
    //Testing feints
    simulated function StartFeintWindow(AnimationInfo Inf)
        local float FeintWindowTime;
        SyncServerToState('StartFeintWindow', CurrentFireMode); //This is new
        if (IsInCombo())
            FeintWindowTime = Inf.fAnimationLength - EndFeintWindowTimeCombo;
        else if (CurrentFireMode != Attack_Stab) //THIS PART IS NEW!
            FeintWindowTime = Inf.fAnimationLength - EndFeintWindowTime;
            FeintWindowTime = Inf.fAnimationLength - StabEndFeintWindowTime;
        bCanFeint = true;
        if (FeintWindowTime > 0) 
            SetTimer(FeintWindowTime, false, 'EndFeintWindow');

    You also have to add a value for the new timer under default properties. I used an absurdly high value for testing purposes, and it worked just fine!

    Default Properties
        StabEndFeintWindowTime = 0.525 //This value represents the satbendfeint timers, derp.

    I guess this can help with 2h stab feints without crippling the ftp/feint abilities of overheads and slashes.

  • New MERCS Patch 1.992 - Update your servers!


    • Fixed kick range
    • Kick stamina cost back to 25
    • Removed stamina drain from getting kicked
    • Increased Maul, Grand mace and Double axe parry drain by 6
    • Bardiche slash damage increased to 120 cut (110 cut previous)
    • Bardiche slash windup reduced to .55 (.6 previously)
    • Polehammer overhead damage increased to 115 blunt (113 blunt previously)
    • Longsword slash damage increased to 84 cut (80 cut previously)
    • Longsword parry negation increased to 40 (37 previously)
    • 1H Sword of war stab damage increased to 70 pierce (60 pierce previously)
    • Norse sword stab damage increased to 64 pierce (57 pierce previously)
    • Greatsword slash damage increased to 90 cut (85 cut previously)
    • Fork lower stab damage increased to 60 pierce (55 pierce previously)
    • Hatchet overhead & slash damage changed to 95 cut
    • Hatchet overhead release time increased to .5
    • Hatchet slash release time increased to .475
    • Falchion slash damage increased to 95 chop (75 chop previously)
    • Falchion overhead damage increased to 100 cut (90 cut previously)
    • Knights can now use one handed axes as secondary
    • Vanguards can now use one handed swords as secondary
    • Vanguards can now use buckler
    • Fixed skins not working

  • Removed stamina drain from getting kicked

    two thumbs up

    Vanguards can now use one handed swords as secondary
    Vanguards can now use buckler


  • New MERCS Patch 1.993 - Update your servers!


    • Longsword parry negation back to 37
    • 1H Sword of war stab damage back to 60
    • Norse sword stab damage reduced to 59
    • Falchion slash damage reduced to 78
    • Falchion overhead damage reduced to 95
    • Bardiche slash damage reduced to 110
    • Removed buckler from vanguard (was experimental - too much of a buff for vg)
    • Initial stab feint windows reduced by 50ms on the following weapons:
      (other attacks feint windows are not affected)

    Sword of war

    Please report any issues here. Keep in mind weapon balance is an ongoing process, mistakes have been made and now hopefully corrected.

  • Not on workshop yet???

  • @chickeen:

    Not on workshop yet???

    Looks like the workshop is having some connection issues at the moment

  • It should be up now

  • Hotfix 1.994

    • Reverted stab feint window changes due to unexpected game breaking bug

    This change will come back once the cause of this has been identified

  • lol what was the bug?

  • There was no animations.

  • MERCS Patch 1.995


    Sword of war stab windup increased to 0.65 (from 0.625)

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