More thoughts on server hijacking/vote kick abuse

  • I usually just carry on with my life and find a new server when this kind of thing happens, but <100 ping populated and not full pubs were limited last night. In fact, I usually only see less than 10 servers under 100 ping at most at any given time. And when most of them are full, empty, or in maps or game modes I’m not looking to play it really limits my options.

    You’ve all heard the story, or even told it yourselves. You join an official public server and either immediately get vote kicked for no apparent reason or not long after raking in some kills. In this instance I can only deduce that it was my rank (45), as the highest one there was 20, maybe 22. They voted so fast I barely had a chance to check the roster. As soon as I joined, the first thing I saw in the chat log was “Yes has 100% vote, 30 seconds remaining”. I had to open the console to see what the vote was because they cast it so quickly the first part of it didn’t even show up in the chat log.

    I completely understand if a group of new guys wants to play amongst themselves without the anxiety of some higher ranking bully steamrolling them for the lulz. A perfectly good solution for this is to host a listen server. I was able to host one with only 5mb upload and I had friends from various parts of the country averaging around 70 ping. It’s not perfect, but quite manageable, especially if you just want to practice with your buddies.

    The other thing is I always check the roster when I join a server. I assume most of us do. When I see nothing but low ranks, I look for opportunities to give advice to them. I’ll fight them as well if they want. My point is not all vets are bullies, and it’s frustrating to be insta voted for that fact alone.

    I know I can contact an admin and try to deal with it that way, and I will. But I feel like we need to prevent the problem rather than patching it up.

    So, the issue is being able to vote arbitrarily. How difficult would it be to implement a system in which you have to select a reason for your vote, options including team damage, idle time, ping, and abusive language/harassment. When you cast your vote on a player, it could pop up a dialogue box saying “Reason for kick? Press insert for team damage, delete for idle time, etc…”

    When you select abusive language for example, the game checks the chat log for certain key words from the target player, and the vote will or will not be displayed for everyone else to vote on accordingly. If you select team damage, the game checks for a predetermined max team damage set by the server and allows the vote to continue only if that number is met. Same process could work for idle time and ping.

    So what if someone finds some other way to troll that doesn’t fall into these categories? I can’t think of any examples right now, but I’m sure someone would find a way. In the worst case scenario when a player has not caused enough team damage, has low ping, and hasn’t spoken a single bad word, but is doing something that causes the entire server to want to get rid of him, there could be a vote counter that tracks how many times a vote attempt has been made against him. Once a specific number is reached (let’s just say 5 different players all have made an attempt to vote kick the same guy for any reason) the vote is forced through.

    I think these are good ideas that will help tremendously with players arbitrarily abusing the vote kick system. Please share your thoughts.

  • I know what you mean, and sure perhaps some improvement but too much work to be worth the effort, the voting is as good as it will get - democracy is what it is - not always fair.

  • While the idea of having reasons is already available if you do it from console it is quite another to have an already stressed server looking for cuss words in the log file and then to bad for it. If that was done by the devs that would limit server admins control over it. Currently for those that actually got Big (pile of shit) Brother Bot to actually work on their servers this can already be set. Official servers might also be running B(POS)BB and then that is just a matter configuring it.

    The other thing is that since this game is kind of dying and most of the clans are dead and gone, they took their servers down with them. So the number of private servers are rapidly diminishing. I prefer to play on my own |Kila| Thunderdome server anyway. I run an adult server and dont kick or ban because of language or other stupid reasons. I also try and personally admin it daily.

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