Continue to recover stamina while being hit

  • So I could tank two hits to gain half my stamina back and give myself a chance to not die at the end of a 2v1, instead of currently where I just get stunned and die. Just a thought.

  • big strat m8

  • Sacrificing health for stamina? Sounds like a beserker move. Cool.

  • is this the cavewoman meta?

  • This already happens a lot.

    When you get stammed out you regain a little bit of stamina but not much, so if people have health (or sometimes if they don’t) they will just try to back away and hit trade so they can buy time to get more stam.

  • But if I get stammed out and I am about to be gangbanged, I fucked fivewayssideways, whereas if I get whacked twice and regain 25 stam in the meantime, I can snap off a parry to parry and do some neat riposte’s for a chance to win.

    Against better players this is still unlikely to be valid over other options, but hey, it’s another option.

    Basically I just want to regen stam as knight while be thwacked by a MAA. Much selfish.

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