Disable all controller/gamepad support! Help!

  • Ok… I am trying to contain my anger at how difficult and annoying this site and your product have been.

    My problem is that I have a flight stick and pedals plugged into the back of my machine and they are very difficult to access and unplug. Games like this one are absolutely enraging to me. They force controller support on you and make it impossible for me to play the game because the game is getting constant input from the flight stick and pedals even when they are not moving. My character is constantly spinning left! and doing ridiculous things! The ability to turn off controller support is crucial in any significant game this days and I’m extremely disappointment that this game is making such an immediately terrible first impression. I hope this negligence is not indicative of the rest of the games content.


  • Why should they refund you when you are being too lazy to unplug your devices? Is there a law for options required in a video game? I don’t even know if there’s a way to turn it off, there might be.

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    It actually sounds more like a problem with your flight stick and pedals… you’re spinning and they’re not moving? You might want to fix that first.
    Also, how has this site been difficult? Oh, the previous thread. Okay. That doesn’t seem to be an issue that you have to contain your anger about though.

  • Joysticks always have problems with 1st person shooters because they are always giving your computer movement input unless you have them dampered and configed properly. Even then still not a great idea to have them plugged in. UNLESS you do this tweak.

    Go to your UDKEngine.ini (open it with Notepad)
    Look for the following command: AllowJoystickInput=1
    Change that too: AllowJoystickInput=0
    Save and close.

    This will allow your flight stick to remain plugged in without effecting your game.

  • Unplug your stuff. They’re not going to cater to you just because you’re lazy.

  • If I have my steering wheel and joystick plugged in at the same time the game has no problems. I can move them around and it won’t take any input from them. But if I have only one plugged in and I bump it it will take input from them and the mouse will stop responding. Except for clicking. Strange really.

  • It is not strange if you actually understood how peripherals actually work and how to configure them correctly.

  • Things I’m not configuring anything. I just plug shit in and it happens. They also won’t interfere with each other when I’m actually using them. Other people who have multiple controllers plugged in still have problems. I only have problems when one or the other is plugged in. Problems go away when both are plugged in.

  • it’s magic!

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