My threads are being blocked! Help!

  • I don’t know why but I’ve tried twice to post this about a critical issue that is forcing me to be unable play this game. I need to be able to disable my usb flight sim controls in-game because they are interfering to the point where I cant even operate the menus.

    You can let this thread be posted or you may be hearing from me legally. I am absolutely astonished at the anti-consumerism I have been faced with simply trying to play a game I payed for. I can forgive you if the previous posts were deleted out of some sort of site issue.

    My simple question is how can I disable all controller support with this game so that I can play with keyboard and mouse.

  • Your first few posts on this site require moderation. What is not required is for you to throw your toys out of the pram and threaten legal action for it.

  • I have no clue about theese new forums, but when I started posting on the old ones there was actually a notice of some sort that said that my post had to be approved by a moderator.

  • ^^ this notice might be lacking. I go through duplicate posts all day from people who don’t realize there is initial moderation. I didn’t see any of OP’s other topics though.

  • @dudeface:


    lol pram #notmuricathings


    you may be hearing from me legally

    lol lawsuit #muricathings

  • Flight sticks do not play well with first person games because they are constantly giving the computer input that us usually tied in with mouse movement AKA why it is impossible to use your mouse. What you need to do is to go into your UDKEngine.ini and look for the following settings and change it.


    That will allow you to keep your joystick/flight yoke plugged in but not have it interfere with the game. Nor will you have to disable it elsewhere on your system.

    IF that fails then of course unplug it.

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