Cant download the game

  • Pre orded the game for 25$ ,got the key,activated the product on steam and waited for the 16.

    Now every time i try to download/install the game it gives me an error that my connection timed out.
    now i know its a steam problem and i tried the help/support there that didint help at all so is there any other way to download the game instead of steam and still play using stem?

    any help would be appreciated.

  • When you say you tried the help/support, what do you mean? Did you try opening a support ticket? Steam is usually pretty good at solving users’ issues that way, though it can sometimes take a while.

  • Sorry it took me so long to replay.

    yea i tried that and cant get the “welcome Email” so i cant use it,looked in the help section for some of the listed problem but couldnt find there my problem so im kinda stuck.

    obviously its a steam problem but my question is there a way to use my game code/key to play the game using steam but to get the game from another source instead of steam.
    or its just impossible and im f** :D

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