Are some weapons harder/easier to get overhead headshots with?

  • Well, title says it all, skip the backstory if you want.

    This is about character meshes and weapon hitboxes, CLASSES DO NOT MATTER.

    I often use the beta’s damage tracking on the console screen to better understand my weapons and see damage differences, and I noticed some knight weapons are MUCH harder to get consistent overheadshots with. I had only tested this theory with 3 weapons and am going to test others later.

    I had gone into a FFA with only 1 bot and used the Maul and got 9 headshots in a row, sometimes without even aiming all hits seemed to go right to the head even if they were aimed at an arm or torso.

    So I reset, same circumstances and used the Double Axe and through 25 bots I got only 8 headshots according to the damage tracking many SEEMED like headshots and even made a more meaty chunky sound, it often said “Shoulder_L” I assume that meant left shoulder.

    So I had switched to the Grand Mace and went another 1 bot FFA and this one was odd. Each overhead attack hit looked like it was hitting their head but each tracked hit said “spine_b” back of the spine, it happened often, I realized the Grand Mace was either going through the head, or over the head’s damage mesh and hitting them in the back.

    All that said, does anyone have any opinions/knowledge about this sort of thing they’d like to share about weapon hitboxes or character meshes?

  • Well yes of course its easier with some weapons.

    Everyone knows that.

    The tracers are different for each individual weapon even though the animations may not differ. No such thing as weapon hitboxes. The game uses tracers. AOC_drawtracer 1.

    The different lengths of the weapons and the different shapes means the tracers differ between each weapon. The tracers also match up exactly with the 3rd person animations. They don’t match up with the first person animations so they may seem a little different. However tracers are 2D and are in line with the centre of the weapon. No matter how wide it actually is.

  • Overheads for a lot of weapons start top right and come across to the bottom left.

    So depending at what part of release you are it, you might have to aim slightly to the left, or slightly to the right.

    Most of the time you should be doing quick overheads so its best to train yourself to aim slightly to the left, because the animation is early in release and therefore at the top right.

    I have this problem with LongSword constantly. Even knowing the issue I still miss a good portion of my OH headshots on people who are not/barely moving.

    I can not speak much about other weapons though.

  • I suck with grand mace overhead lol. I hardly use it, but when I do, I miss a lot. I’m very accurate with poleaxe and swords though.

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