Purchased skins not working

  • I recently purchased Barbarian vangaurd skins, hawkeye helmet, and duke helmet. While i received the 2 helmets I did not receive My vangaurd skins. During the purchase chivalry gave me an error and said try again. However it still took the 8$ out of my account. I have the receipt and proof of purchase. Please show me how to fix this error or give me a code or something to unlock the skins. Btw I already tried reinstalling, verifying my cache, ect… thx

    Username is thefloridsword , If you need the receipt I can email it to you or something just ask.

  • Edit, Emailed support and got my skins back within the hour. Some of the best support staff I’ve seen so far. Especially considering Steam Support did not even bother to reply to my ticket.

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