How to add more game types to one map

  • I currently have a FFA map that I would like to add the LTS game type to it. I can see the option to edit more game types supported on this map in the world info screen, but I am not sure on how to do the two kismet settings to support LTS.

  • You have to have a separate level with the AOCLTS- prefix, e.g. AOCLTS-mymap_p where mymap is the name of your map.
    If you do not use level streaming, I would suggest you do so you don’t you only have to change one level to change it for all gametypes.

    To do this:
    save a new copy of your level (I would suggest using the _art suffix e.g. AOC-mymap_art , like the maps in the game)
    create a new empty level
    go to content browser, levels
    select level, add existing level
    select your _art level and click open
    set streaming method to kismet and click ok
    the assets from your _art level should now appear in the editor

    now open kismet

    add a level loaded event (right-click, new event, level loaded)
    add a stream levels action (right-click, new action, level, stream levels)
    connect the loaded and visible node to the load node
    (hold ctrl and left-click to drag around selected objects if they are on top of each other)
    select the stream levels node
    add new item
    set the level name to the full name of your _art level e.g. AOC-mymap_art are whatever you saved it as

    save this level as the gametype you want it to be, e.g AOCLTS-mymap_p.
    do this again for any other gametypes you want (AOCTD-mymap_p, AOCFFA-mymap_p, AOCCTF-mymap_p, AOCKOTH-mymap_p)

    Now when you make changes to your _art level they will appear in every gametypes level.
    Not all things should be put in the _art level, you want to put the actors relevant to each gametype in that gametype’s persistant level.

    Examples of things that you may want different between gametypes
    spawns around the edge of the map
    spawns at opposite ends of the map (no protection, otherwise can’t kill AFK players)
    no ammo crates
    opposite spawns that are protected (behind barricades so the other team can’t spawn camp)
    opposite protected spawns
    CTF flags
    platforms for flags
    opposite spawns (probably don’t need protection)
    capture point
    capture point’s platform
    team who’s capturing flags, and their kismet

    remember to bake every levels lighting when you make changes to _art

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