Achievement screen and bonus rewards

  • I miss the achievement screen from CDW. After the match, you will see who has had the most kills and deaths, highest damage negated, highest score, longest distance traveled, most kill assists, most decapitations, etc. with medal icons and titles. I think that it’s interesting and I would like to see it in base Chivalry too.

    Even better, these achievements could be saved permanently and stored in your stats. When you have a certain number of the same achievement (such as 100x highest kill assists for example) you could get an exp bonus or something as a reward. Maybe you could even get a medal to display on your armor, with the corresponding achievement icon similar to what we can already see in CDW after the match has ended. The icons already exist, it’s not that much of a stretch to make them skins for medals.

    Increased achievements and rewards also means increased incentive for people to play.

    What do you think?

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